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How does Rental in Zental work


Step 1: Register on Zental.
Step 2: List the product you’d like to rent.
Step 3: Share comprehensive details about your product, including pricing per day, week, month, and year, along with any applicable deposit.
Step 4: Publish the product and take a moment to relax.
Step 5: Allow interested renters to connect with you via chat or call for rental or exchange inquiries.
Step 6: Choose a mutually convenient meeting place, verify the user, and hand over the product once payment terms are agreed upon. Enjoy a seamless and joyful renting experience with Rentor!


Step 1: Begin your journey by registering on Zental.
Step 2: Explore or search for the perfect product you wish to rent.
Step 3: Once you find the ideal item, reach out to the rentor via message or call.
Step 4: After discussing details, mutually decide on a meeting place. Verify the product, complete the payments, and relish the experience.
Step 5: Return the product in its original condition to the owner on a date and place agreed upon by both parties. Enjoy the convenience and joy of renting with Zental!

What We Offer

For Rentors
Unlock Additional Revenue: Zental empowers you to turn your unutilized products into a source of additional income. List your items on our platform and witness the joy of sharing while generating extra revenue.
For Rentees
Great Deals, Greater Joy: Discover the thrill of renting products you need on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis at a fraction of the actual price. At Zental, every deal is a joyful opportunity to experience more for less.
Product Exchange
Swap and Share: Zental goes beyond traditional rentals. We're a community that believes in flexibility. If you and another user mutually agree, why not exchange your listed products? It's a unique way to try something new.

What our clients say


I recently visited this platform Zental and was thoroughly impressed by services they provide. This platform showcased a variety of rental items.I had a very enriching experience, providing excellent recommendations and ensuring our satisfaction. I can recommend ZENTALfor a fantastic Renting experience.
I wanted cz jewellery for a important function but did not have the budget to buy.Rentals on instagram did not provide transparency in pricing and also took min 3-4 days to reach.I found this site thru google and connected with someone for the jewellery set.This was much cheaper than other rentals and i also got it the same day.😊😊
Software Engineer
O😍MπŸ˜‡G !! Cal me ol-fashioned bt i loveeee to read books in paperbackkkk. I found books on rental 1st time n ima lovinnn it!!!!!! Saves me space off storage n i return aftr finishin readin in a week !!! Win win fa me πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“πŸ€“..Thanks Zental for the wonderful platform to share things..😁😍
Uday Raj
Uday Raj
Marketing Specialist
I have been to websites for toys rental but found it very costly
But here we can find various options at much better price with an additon option of exchange of toys or any items you already have .
I am so happy using the website as I have exchanged items which haven't been using and also have better price for my rentals of different items of use.
Thankyou Zental
I recently had a fantastic experience renting a self-drive car from Zental, and I can't praise them enough. The entire process, from booking online to returning the car, was seamless and hassle-free. The fleet of cars they offer is diverse, ensuring I found the perfect vehicle for my needs. The car was clean, well-maintained, and came with all the necessary amenities. The self-drive option gave me the flexibility to explore at my own pace. The customer service was top-notch, with a friendly and professional team making sure everything went smoothly. I highly recommend Zental for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient self-drive car rental experience.

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