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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zental, and how does it work?

Zental is a rental platform that connects users looking to rent unused items with those offering items for rent. Rentors list their items, and Rentees can browse, rent, and even exchange products.

How do I register on Zental?

Can I list multiple items for rent on Zental?

What kind of items can I find on Zental?

How do I set the pricing for my items?

Can I rent items for a specific duration, like a day or a week?

Is my personal information visible to other users?

How does the Vendor Discovery feature work?

Are transactions on Zental secure?

Can I change the meeting location for item exchanges?

What happens if an item is damaged during the rental period?

Is there a rating system on Zental?

Can I cancel a rental reservation?

Are there any fees for using Zental?

Can I connect with users outside of the rental process?

How does Zental ensure the safety of users?

Can I list services on Zental, or is it only for physical items?

Can I track the status of my rental reservations?

How can I contact Zental support for assistance?

What if I have more questions or need clarification?

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