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Book – MISSION Work – Life HARMONY

Quadri Hills, Pillar Number 258, Budwel, Hyderabad, Telangana 500030, India
Price (Per Day): ₹20
Price (Weekly): ₹100
Price (Monthly): ₹400
Price (Yearly): ₹500
Security Deposit: ₹250

Mission: work like harmony is a practical guide that offers proven ways of training your life and vastly improving your ability to navigate through all kinds of personal and professional challenges based on the core belief that it is not just about giving more at work rather it is about giving more to every facet of your life, the book goes beyond the self-help genre and stands on its own to serve as the best all-in-one life improvement handbook. The author Ranjana Kamu, takes you through her own life experiences, and share, real-life case studies, profound insights, and engaging exercises and activities designed to achieve the much-hoped, and desired work-life harmony.

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