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The Freedom Manifesto

Kothapet, Hyderabad, Telangana
Price (Per Day): ₹10
Price (Weekly): ₹30
Price (Monthly): ₹60
Price (Yearly): ₹200
Security Deposit: ₹27

What is your purpose, your Dharma, your innate tendency? Your only path to freedom is to be true to this.

No financial upside, no promise of stability, can compensate for a life not lived under this natural law. Western science calls it ‘Flow’. Perhaps you experience it now in flashes, sometimes in a moment of selfless love for your children, sometimes in a sudden moment of silence during deep meditation or running, sometimes in your job. But when you live intentionally in accordance with your dharma, you will live with this sense of quiet contentment in all your waking hours.

This is your purpose, your meaning of existence in this world. The Freedom Manifesto will give you 7 step-by-step mental models to get liberated to live your best day, daily. Simple, yet profound and relatable, each rule will ensure that your life shapes into the version of your choice.

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